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Discover the main beaches of Cádiz

Going on a summer vacation to the province of Cádiz is never disappointing. Amazing climate, great cuisine, lots of culture, history and, above all, beautiful beaches. Only in the

capital you will find coastline of 3,900 meters that goes from the fort of Cortadura to the military installations of Torregorda. In this post we want to talk about the beaches you can find in “Tacita de Plata” (Known to the locals call Cádiz the Silver Cup) and throughout the entire province. Come on let’s go!

What are the urban beaches of Cádiz?

Cádiz beaches all have their own distinct character. There are more intimate beaches like La Caleta, some with natural landscapes such as  Cortadura or the classic touristic beach La Victoria. We’ll give you a quick virtual tour of each of them so you will be better equipped with which one to visit when you get Cádiz.

Playa de la Caleta

La Caleta beach of is the only one found in the historical side of the city. It is sheltered on one side by the Castle of Santa Catalina and on the other by the Castle of San Sebastián. With it’s idealistic charm this cove is makes it one of the most photographed in the city; small row boats in the harbour, gentle rippling waves that you can bathe in, the close proximity to the neighborhood of La Viña and on blustery days it providing that all important protection from the winds. It has in fact, gained been awarded yet another year with the Blue Flag.

Stay until you see the sunset to watch how the the sun is hides behind in the Atlantic Ocean, a true spectacle.

Playa Santa María del Mar

Santa María del Mar Beach is also known as “La Playa de las Mujeres” (the beach of the women). It is located at the foot of the walls and is compact in size. The unique backdrop commises of the old town whereby you can see the towers of Cádiz Cathedral. At the top overlooking the beach, there is a semi-circular platform with an viewpoint advantage which offers some beautiful views of Cádiz.

Playa de la Victoria

Victoria beach is characterized by its extensive of 2.5 kilometers of sand. You’ll find numerous hotels, restaurants and beach bars at this intersection of Cádiz seafront. It stands out for the quality of sand and crystal clear waters, which makes a great choice to everyone and with a bike lane stretching its course means it’s easy to get to.

Playa de Cortadura

Cortadura beach is the wildest of all. It extends along one of the margins of the road between Cádiz and San Fernando. The sand is fine and golden, like most in the province, although there are some small pebbles. In some sections there are parking bays, although if you go on a Sunday in summer, we recommend get there early because it fills up fast.

The best beaches in Cádiz

We have done a review of some of the beaches that you can see in Cádiz Capital, however, the province offers many others that are also worth visiting. Here’s a breakdown of some of the best.

Playa de Bolonia

Located in the borough of Tarifa it’s known for the immense sand dune that runs through it and creeps up the hillside and over the pine trees. We speak of an almost unspoilt beach whereby the only human traces that can be seen is at the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia, an ancient Phoenician city origin known for manufacturing tuna and salted fish. The water is crystal clear and the sand is very gentle and fine. On Levante (days of easterly winds) makes it the ideal destination for people who practice windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Playa El Palmar

El Palmar beach is situated in Vejer de la Frontera. Here you will have no problem Parking as there are numerous bays both private and public. The beach has all the necessary services such as showers, a large number of restaurants and beach bars, shops and in season a artisan markets as well as easy access and above all surveillance cameras. There are many surf schools in the area so you can take the opportunity to catch a few waves. You will have the chance to all see one of the most beautiful sunsets in the province.

Do not be surprised if people applaud when the sun goes down, it’s a way of thanking nature for the amazing day and the offering of a start of a new one.

Playa de Caños de Meca

Although the Caños de Meca is a very small town, in summer it becomes the “mecca” of lovers of bohemian and hippie life. The beach is the best known in Barbate for its tranquility and its proximity to the cliffs of La Breña. Along the beach you will find various craft stalls, bars and beach bars. If you take a walk looking over the beach from the cliff top, you will see how the cove creates the famous “pipes” of water that crash up on the shore giving the place its name. An opportunity to get back to nature and be in contact with sun, sea and sand.

Playa de la Barrosa

With its natural beauty and cliff edges La Barrosa is a unique place to enjoy the sea. It borders with Conil de la Frontera and is usually divided into three sections seeing as it 8 kilometers in length and a decent width in breath: the first are is Novo Santi Petri the most tranquil of the three, the second is flatter and more central, and the last one is closest to the urbanization and therefore, the most frequented.

Where shall I stay to get to know the best beaches in Cádiz?

If after reading about the best beaches in Cádiz province you will probably be wanting to visit them, so don’t hesitate to book your accommodation in Cádiz. At Inn Hostels we have private rooms, shared apartments and apartments in the historical center of the city. The only thing you have to worry about taking your essentials to the beach; sunny’s suntan lotion and a towel.

Inn Hostels Cádiz

Choose between private and shared rooms. All have everything you need to spend a few days of unforgettable holidays. We are located in the historic center of the city, very close to the Cádiz Cathedral and La Caleta beach. Enjoy a few days of summer sunbathing and

Eating the classic local dish of fried fish at any bar in the area.

Cádiz Inn Apartamentos

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Discover the incredible beaches the province of Cádiz has to offer and don’t hesitate to see if what they say is true: wide golden beaches with fine sand, crystal clear water, great weather, tasty cuisine and, above all, friendly people.

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