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Discover Easter Holy Week in Cádiz

Each year, Cádiz Capital awaits and prepares to for the grand festival of Easter Holy Week, which commemorates both the Passion of Jesus Christ and his Death.  A combination of devoted locals, the quality of the processions and the fresh sea breeze, undoubtedly makes Cadiz a top destination when choosing to experience this festival first hand. In this post we’ll give you the low-down on the whats and whereabouts during Easter Holy Week in Cádiz.

Easter Holy Week in Cádiz

As in all Andalusia, Easter Holy Week is characterised by a succession of processions of the differing Brotherhoods in the City.During this festival in Cádiz, which takes place from The Sunday of Ramos to The Sunday of The Resurrection, the streets come alive with the aromas of freshly cut flowers, burning incense and candle wax to the sounds of the marching bands echoing throughout the streets that come to an all-of-a-sudden standstill leaving nothing but the pure essence of silence and penance.

The streets of the old town of Cádiz serve as a stage which represents The Passion of Christ. The Brotherhoods are responsible for treasuring the incalculable artistic heritage that leaves their quarters and is taken to the streets: lead out by pride and displayed by honour the Pasos are revelled and appreciated by their dedicated followers. Easter Holy Week fever is everywhere; from bars, restaurants, squares and even the beaches. Between procession and procession the busy atmosphere see’s celebrations all day long until the early hours.

Easter Holy week also has its own distinct cuisine, as during Lent, (forty days after Cadiz Carnival until the beginning of Holy Week) believers are forbidden to eat meat or meat derivatives. So if you fancy a bite to eat, you’ll likely find restaurants serving tapas such as chickpeas with spinach or tortilla (Spanish omelet). Fish is a popular meat substitute, so you’ll also find bacalao (cod) buñuelos de merluza (hake fritters) or atun (tuna) on the menu to choose from.  In the world of desserts, without a doubt, the torrija is by far the winner (slice of bread in milk, syrup or wine coated in egg, fried in olive oil, sweetened with honey and flavoured with sugar and cinnamon).

While in other large cities such as Seville “Los Pasos”, the procession carrying heavy iconic statues, are carried on the back of the Costaleros (Bearers) whereas in Cádiz they are called the Cargadores (Dockers: Cadiz is a Port) and they carrying the processions on their shoulders. This causes their marching style to behave differently, giving a unique movement to the processions.

Don’t miss can out on the emblematic Banda de Cornetas y Tambores of Nuestra Señora del Rosario de Cádiz or the singers that break out into song in the middle of the street, dedicating their Saetas (sacred songs) to the Pasos (the iconic statues) that are on route. The Saeta, a popular song specific to each Paso, are sometimes performed by consecrated/renowned singers such as Estrella Morente or José Mercé.

Itinerary of the Holy Week of Cádiz 2019

The itinerary approved by the Local Council of Fraternities and Brotherhoods in Cádiz for Easter Holy Week commencing 2019 is the following:

  • Friday of Dolores (Sorrow): Servitas
  • Sunday de Ramos: Stripped, Holy Supper, Sorrows and Humility and Patience .
  • Holy Monday: Nazarene of Love, Prendimiento, La Palma and Vera-Cruz.
  • Holy Thursday: Afflicted, Prayer in the Garden, Nazarene of Saint Mary and Medinaceli.
  • Holy Wednesday: The Waters, Sentence, Cigarreras and Anguish.
  • Holy Tuesday: Health, Pity, The fallen, Column and Ecce-Homo del Cádiz.
  • Good Friday: Forgiveness, Expiration, Thirst, Descent and Good Death.
  • Holy Saturday: Holy Burial.
  • Sunday The Resurrection: The Resurrected.

What to do in Cádiz during Easter Holy Week?

During Easter Holy Week in Cádiz if you want to make the most of your experience we recommend you staying in the historical center of the city so you can totally immerse yourself in the atmosphere. In the “Silver Cup” (Cadiz old town) the official procession march includes Plaza de Candelaria, Calle Montañés, Plaza del Palillero, Novena and Calle Ancha. Of particular interest is the passage of the Brotherhoods through the Plaza de la Catedral whereby the Brotherhoods all gather to contemplate The Penance. Be sure not to miss the Nazarenes (Followers) accompanying the processions and the brass bands.

We recommend you wear comfortable footwear because, although the centre of Cádiz is small, if you intend to see several or maybe all of the processions you will be spending many hours on your feet walking about and standing around.

Need a rest between, the iconic processions of Pasos? Why not treat yourself to chilling out at a bar or cafe on the terrace, either with a caña (a small beer) and shrimp fritter or, depending on the time of day, maybe a coffee with some French toast. During Easter Holy Week the streets are filled with life so it should be easy to find somewhere decent to sit down and relax. If the weather is nice, the added bonus of Cadiz is you can also go for a walk along La Caleta beach and later watch the sunset.

Where to stay during Holy Week in Cádiz?

As we have already said the best to stay in Cádiz during Easter Holy Week is downtown. You can forget about the car since the historic center of the city is humble and quaint, inviting you to stroll around.

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Apartments in Cádiz

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