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Discover the May Crosses of Granada

In the month of May the city of Granada get dress up to the nines to give way to one of its most colorful festivities: “Las Cruces de Mayo de Granada” (The May Crosses of Granada). Celebrated on the 3rd of May, it marks day of the Cross and is an opportunity for all Grenadians and tourists to wonder the streets and stumble upon the adorned far corners of the city. In this blog post we want to tell you what this party is all about and where you can stay to squeeze out the best from your time. Let’s go!

What is the May Crosses of Granada?

“Las Cruces de Mayo de Granada” is a popular festival dating back to the seventeenth century. In the year 1625 a cross made of alabaster (is a smooth mineral rock used for carving) was made in the neighborhood of San Lazaro. The locals came together to celebrate the beauty artwork by rejoicing in the streets by singing and dancing. Later, this tradition spread to some of the most picturesque neighborhoods around such as the Albaicín and the Realejo.

The official name of this celebration is the “invención de la Santa Cruz” (Invention of the Holy Cross) commemorating the discovery by Saint Helena of the remains of the cross in which they crucified Christ. History tells us that the origin of this tradition is actually pagan, that is, pre-Christian.

During the festivales, the residents of Granada place a cross formed by flowers in a space of their neighborhood which is usually the square or a patio, so that the passers-by can gaze on in contemplation. You’ll find the city decorated and filled with arts and  crafts, flowers and any other adornment that may brighten up the area.The locals offer refreshments and have their musicing playing enticing visitors to an impromptu boogie.

In Granada the crosses of May are divided into four categories: Squares and streets, Showcases, Patios and Schools. The prize for the best patio is up to 4,000 euros.

In addition, there are three other details associated with the May Crosses of Granada:

  • “EL Pero y las Tijeras” (The But and the Scissors): in Granada, as in other parts of Andalusia, it is called the Golden Apple. This tradition consists of placing scissors nailed to the cross so that nobody puts a “but” to the decoration.
  • “las salaíllas y las habas tiernas” (saltwort plant and the tender beans): these foods are never left at this party and are on the aperitif menu and yes obviously accompanied with sweet or white wine.
  • “Las Barras” (The bars): a fundamental at every party and festivals you’ll find an abundance of drinks and snacks available from.

What is there to do at the May Crosses?

During the May Crosses of Granada you will be surprised to see how the neighborhoods of the city decorate their city, ​​full of crosses and adorned with colourful flowers. The most visited areas are those found in the courtyards and streets of the Albaicín and Realejo neighborhoods. Both are known not only for this celebration, but also the most beautifully historic areas in Granada but also due to having some of the most impressive views of the area.

In fact, Albaicín is one of the most visited lookouts in the city, where San Nicolás is located. From this enclave you can gaze out over the Alhambra and the Generalife in all their splendor with the Sierra Nevada as the backdrop. We recommend that you go during sunset, as it is at night that the area truly comes alive and you get to witness the entire complex of the old Nasrid illuminated. If you still don’t know which places to visit in Granada during your visit, check out our post on not what to miss out on.

In addition to visiting the crosses scattered about, you can also tantalise your taste buds with some of the most traditional dishes in Granadas cuisine. To accompany these canapes, you have several options, from soft drinks, beer, red wine, wine Sherry wine to rebujito (white wine sherry spritzer).

All undoubtedly accompanied by rumbas and sevillanas (spanish dancing) as a party wouldn’t be a party in Granada if it were not for the flamenco. However, not worry Granada caters for all so you’ll find other alternatives for lovers of indie music or rock. In Granada you will find many places playing this style of music that close late at night.

Where should we stay at Granada Cruces de Mayo in festival?

As we have indicated, one of the most vibrant neighborhoods throughout this celebration of crosses is in the Realejo. This district is ideal if you want to stay during this celebration in Granada. At Inn Hostels we have private rooms, shared rooms and apartments in this quaint neighborhood. In addition, it is very close to the bus station, a plus if you are visiting  the city without a car.

Inn Hostels Granada

With Inn Hostels you have the possibility to stay in the city with your friends in shared rooms or with your partner in a private room. You decide how you want to spend your vacation. We have a 24-hour reception service, free breakfast for our guests and a team of professionals available to answer any query you have about places to visit, areas of interest and of course places to eat.

For those who want to get know more about the city during their stay, every morning we organize a free tour for all our guests at around 10:30 am; a visit through the most traditional neighborhoods of Granada which approximately lasts for 2 hours.

Apartaments en Granada

Our apartments located in the Realejo neighborhood have a capacity of up to 8 people. This is a great option if you come to the city with your family or friends, or if you want to spend some time here with all essential amenities. They have a fully equipped kitchen, cleaning service, flat TV, bathroom accessories, air conditioning, towel, etc.

We offer a late check out service, discounts and welcome gifts whenever you book through our website.


If you want to visit Granada by staying in the heart of the city, you just have to book with Inn Hostels. We don’t have words, only experiences.


Tips to celebrate your farewell in Granada

A Bachelor (Stag) Party or Hen Do is one of those special moments that the Bride or Groom-to-be will always remember. So if are responsible for organising that unforgettable Stag Party or Hen Do in Granada, maybe you are Head Bridesmaid or Best Man, let Inn Hostel give you some of our best know-how to get the party started. Lets us help you finalise those ever-so-important details. Pay attention!

Why celebrate your farawell in Granada?

Granada city is always full of life and energy. With a popular university full of young vibrant students, the atmosphere in Granada means there is hardly ever a dull moment, making a great choice for celebrating that memorable Stag Party or Hen Do.  Granada is also a city of historical interest, thanks to its rich heritage and the unique beauty, giving you a different spin on a conventional Stag Party and Hen Do.

Why not surprise the Bride or Groom by celebrating in style. Take a trip to the Alhambra or the Albaicín district, start with a local pub/bar crawl followed by hitting some nightclubs. You’ll find everything you need for a great night out in this little corner of Andalusia.

What is there to do in Granada during your Stag Party or Hen Do?

Thanks to the many companies that are dedicated to organizing Bachelor/Stag or Bachelorette/Hen parties there are several options available In Granada. We have kindly selected some of the most fun filled activities to get the party going and make sure that it’ll unforgettable.

Burro Taxi: How about sending the Groom or Bride up Granada on a back of a donkey (accompanied by a prickly pear)? This is a tradition in the city and one that guarantees laughs amongst family and friends. The walk usually lasts about 60 minutes with a a donkey handler/guide. You’ll be wondering behind the Groom or Bride whilst stopping off for drinks and tapas on the way.  

Paintball: This a great way to off load all that accumulated stress and get that adrenaline running. An urban indoor setting full of lighting effects, sound, smoke, giving it that intense realism so get the pulse racing. Paintball lasts approximately for an hour with the option of putting the Bride or Groom is the all important fancy dress. Choice of drinks include soft drinks, water or beer. It’s up to you.

Multi-adventure: This is a excellent choice if you want to have that great outdoor experience; fresh air in your lungs and the thrill of natural heights. Here you can enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities such as climbing or an 200-meter zip line. You’re need a good pair of trainers and some comfortable clothes, however for the Bride or Groom there is also the essential option of fancy dress to stand out from the crowd. It lasts about three hours and can accommodate up to 25 people.

Dinner, Drinks & VIP: Organize a dine and wine evening with your friends followed by a VIP night out on the town. Your VIP tickets will mean you’ll have direct entrance to any club, avoiding queues. After dinner, you’ll have a chance to visit some of the city’s best clubs such as Mae West, Forum Plaza, Boom Boom Room, Backstage, Barn and Babylon. You also have the option to book boxes or reserve areas, giving you the VIP treatment all night, many including one or two bottles.

Bachelorette Party (Hen Do) in Granada for the ladies

If you are already planning to organise a Hen Do in Granada with your friends then you are in luck as Inn Hostel are going to tell you about a few more activities especially for the ladies:

Tuppersex:. Tuppersex in Granada will surprise the Bride and friends with an unsuspecting visit.  It’s a modern spin on promoting sex toys and erotic products, combining theatrical show of humor and eroticism in a playful and unconventional way.  Again you’ll have guaranteed laughs as you’ll watch the Bride bashfully (or not) being encouraged to take-part.

The added bonus is the party can take place anywhere, meaning you wouldn’t need to leave the comfort of your temporary home, turning your accomodation into a fun yet discreet environment. The advisor is also there to openly discuss anything regarding the products or general questions about sexuality; a great ice-breaker. This activity lasts one and a half hours.

Anti-boy party: This a fun performance by a comedian. Loaded with irony and a sense of humor; he is the butt of all his own jokes. Short, stick thin and with a beer belly, he will have you in stitches about his “attractive” physical appearance. He gets everyone involved in games, live spontaneous interpretations and on the spot moments that will bring you to tears of laughter.

The Boys Party: Fancy a limousine ride with champagne in and around the center of Granada with a surprise striptease from a Police Boy?  A great way to surprise the bride so she can say a grand farewell to her singledom.

Bachelor Party (Stag Do) in Granada for the Lads

More and more men are choosing Granada to celebrate their Stag Party. Some of the most requested options are:

Party with stripper: If there is something that doesn’t usually go a miss at a Stag Do is an erotic show or striptease. Choose the alternative that you like best between a striptease at your accommodation or hire a private party room. You can also hire a limousine to take you to a nightclub.

Travel in Tuk Tuk: This mode of transport is a three-wheeled motorcycle that has been the symbol of Thailand for more than 50 years. It’s not only just a practical way for just moving around Granada but a more novel way of turning up at a restaurant with your Stag Party.

Where are you planning to stay for your Stag or Hen in Granada?

To really make the most out of your stay in Granada the only place to stay in the old part of the city. Here you will be up-close and personal to all the gems Granada has to offer. At Inn Hostels we have shared rooms, private rooms and apartments in the  Realejo-San Matías district, very close to the bus station.

Inn Hostels Granada

With Inn Hostels Granada you can stay with your friends in shared rooms or apartments. We have free breakfast service, 24-hour reception, washing machine, luggage storage, free WIFI and a team of professionals who will guide you to the right places.

Every morning we also provide organize a free tour for all our guests at around 10:30 so that you get to know a feel of the area; Granada Old Town. This approximate lasts for 2 hours.

Apartaments en Granada

Our apartments can accommodate up to 8 people. They are equipped with everything you need to make you feel at home (air conditioning, flat TV, bathroom products, kitchen, towels, coffee maker, etc.).

We offer a late check out service, discounts and a welcome gift whenever you book through our website.


If you have been wanting to book a bachelor/stag party or bachelorette/hen do in Granada, don’t hesitate to book with Inn Hostels. There’s no need for words when you have experiences.



What is there to do and see in Granada throughout the year?

Jutting above the hills of this majestic countryside sits the proud yet graceful city of Granada. Debonair, this place has both manage to test the age of time both aesthetically and romantically.  As a reminder of the Arabic Court, Granada maintains a harmonious meeting between man-made structures and nature.

As the saying goes in Spain there are 4 things you should go before-you-die; plant a tree, write a book, have a baby and visit Granada.

Granada is captivating, taking you through twisting lanes and winding streets that capture your imagination. The thing is one visit is just never quite enough, Granada leaves you wanting more. So here at InnHostel we are confident that Granada will capture your heart, just like it did ours it ours.


What is there to visit in Granada?

Granada is truly one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. With the essence of the old Al-Andalus lining the streets, there is always something new to discover and it leaves you feeling like you have somehow been transported back in time-stood-still.  So let us take you on a quick journey through some of the most monumental places in Granada such as the Alhambra, but also many other lesser known best-keep-secrets.


Alhambra de Granada

que ver en granada patio de los leones

Being the most spectacular and famous Arabic construction in the world, you’ll never forget the first time you visited the Alhambra in Granada. Its truly breathtaking and has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This Alhambra is an architectural masterpiece that represents one of the most fascinating historical periods in Spanish history.

This building was a fortress that housed the court of the Nazari kingdom of Granada. Within its wall you will find The Palace of Generalife, The Palace of Carlos V, Alcazaba and the magnificent Nasrid Palaces and not to forget the famous Patio de los Leones “The lion Patio”.

It is recommended that you buy your ticket in advance as at the very least early in the morning, as the tourists start to crowd together by the doors. Besides getting there early at the break of dawn you’ll get to witness the wonder of the sun rises from the Palace Generalife Gardens.

Opening Times:

Day visit: monday to Sunday

  • Visiting Hours – 08:30 to 20:00
  • Box office hours – 08:00 to 20:00

Night visit: tuesday to Saturday

  • Visiting Hours – 22:00 to 23:30
  • Box office hours – 09:00 to 22:45


  • General: 14.85 euros
  • Young people with a youth card: 9.54 euros
  • Retired: 9.54 euros
  • Children from 12 to 15 years old: 8.48 euros
  • Disabled: 8.48 euros


Barrio del Albaicín

que ver en granda albaicin

The Albaicín neighborhood (or Albayzín) is a lovely area to walk around. It is the oldest area of Granada and is made up of a labyrinth of cobblestone streets with an Arabic feel.

After its splendor days during the Nazari Kingdom, it next witness the conquest of the of the Catholic Monarchs whereby Albaicín became a designated area for Muslims. However, for religious and political reasons the Muslim people were eventually thrown out and many of their hermitages, chapels and churches, were destroyed. Luckily, its essence is still preserved.

Along with Sacromonte, the Albaicín is the most frequented neighborhood of Granada. Take the chance to appreciate the view, snap a few photos and have a drink on one of the terraces whilst contemplating the scenery; the colorful balconies full of flowers, the facades of the whitewashed houses, churches and convents.  This picturesque neighborhood offers you that taste of idyllic Andalusia Spain including the a musical soundtrack from live flamenco street artists.

The places of interest in Albaicín include the churches El Salvador, Santa Ana, San Cristóbal and San Miguel Bajo; the Zirí wall of the 11th century; the Trillo Water Well and the Baths. Or why not take a stroll around and find different panoramic viewpoints of the Alhambra; San Nicolás or Calle Beso “Kiss Street” is also great place to take those oh-so important romantic selfies.


 Mirador de San Nicolás “San Nicolás Viewpoint”

que ver en granada san nicolas

If you want to see the worthwhile views that San Nicolás Point has to offer then you are going to have to walk to the top of Albaicín neighborhood. Whilst we feel the walk is pleasurable there is always the C31 or C32 bus that will take you straight to the square.. With views stretching over  Granada City, The Alhambra, The Generalife Gardens with the Sierra Nevada in the background, the beauty of this viewpoint is undeniable. The most impressive views are seen from the small stone wall facing both the palace and the mountains.

It receives its name from the Church of San Nicolás, built in 1595 on a mosque and located in the same square of the viewpoint. This corner is always lively and full of both tourists and locals. Surely you see someone playing the guitar and above all, many people taking pictures


Paseo de los Tristes “The Walk of the Sad Ones”

The Paseo de los Tristes is one of the most beautiful walks that can be enjoyed in Granada. It is a cobblestone street that runs parallel to the Darro River. The street is officially called Paseo del Padre Manjón, which is named after the funeral processions that formerly passed through there before they would climb up to the cemetery of San José, located behind the Alhambra at the highest point of ​​the Sabika.

The impressive views of the Alhambra are the reason for thousands of tourists who come to visit it every year.


Catedral de Granada

que ver en granada catedral

The Cathedral of Granada is the first Renaissance Church in Spain and the second largest in the country. Its beginnings date back to 1506, the year in which the first project was commissioned by the architect Enrique de Egas. However due to the death of Queen Isabella the Catholic in 1504, construction was delayed for the making way of the Royal Chapel, so it wasn’t until 1523 when the first stone of the Cathedral was placed down. From here on in, the construction process would last almost two centuries with artists such as Diego Siloé and Alfonso Cano contributing.

The Cathedral has a rectangular floor composed of five naves tiered in height with the Towers located at feet of the Cathedral. In the Royal Chapel is where you will find the the Catholic Monarchs buried.

Opening Times:

  • From Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 18:30
  • Sundays and holidays from 15:00 to 17:45


  • General: 5 euros
  • Groups: 5 euros
  • Students and university students up to 25 years old: 3.5 euros
  • Children under 12 years of age accompanied by an adult: free
  • Free Sundays


The Sacromonte Neighborhood

que ver en granada sacromonte

The Sacromonte neighborhood is just one of the places that you just can’t miss out on during your visit to Granada. It is part of the six neighborhoods of the Albaicín district, more specifically in the valley known as Valparaíso “Paradise Valley” sitting in front of the emblematic Alhambra.

One of the more curious attractions to Sacromonte are the Caves or Cave Houses. These are houses built into the rock and are habitual residence for many local people. These picturesque, quaint and cosy dwellings, are much more comfortable than they appear at first glance. Another attraction is the abbey. It was built by order of the Archbishop Don Pedro de Castro in the seventeenth century, complete with a library full of valuable and ancient manuscripts.

The Carrera del Darro is another must. A journey along the this charming memory lane of Granadas history, seeing us pass by a succession of monuments that include the Palacio de los Córdova, the Casa Árabe de Zafra, the Baño del Nogal, the Casa de Castril and the Convent of Santa Catalina de Zafra.


Where to stay in Granada?

Hemingway said that if we had to visit only one City in Spain, it should be Granada and here at InnHostel we with this illustrious writer.  The only way to get to know this city is on foot. Walking around the cobbled streets fragranced by a Moorish air that transports us to another century, is a once in once in a lifetime experience.

In InnHostel count on us to have rooms and apartments located in the old part of the city in the Realejo-San Matías neighborhood, which is perfect for taking a stroll and getting lost in the beauty of Granada. We are also very close to the bus station, handy hey!


Inn Hostels Granada

In InnHostels Granada we offer you a great opportunity to stay right in the centre of the city so that you forget the headache of a car and really get to know Granada on foot or by public transport. You can stay in our shared rooms if you want to meet other like-minded-travelers with whom to share stories and experiences or in private rooms if you fancy a little more privacy or in our apartments with capacity for up to 8 people.

Regardless of your choice, you will benefit from our services such as free breakfast, 24-hour reception service, washing machine, luggage storage, free WiFi and, above all, priceless advice from our staff who all live in the city.

Also every morning at 10:30 am, after breakfast, we offer a Free Tour of Granada for all guests, open to anyone who wishes to participate. This route starts out in the old historical part of the city and then ends in the lower area of Albaicín. The Free Tour approximate lasts for two hours and is a great taster session of Granada, giving you the heads-up on some its history. Remember we are here to help you have the best time possible and get the most out of your experience, so don’t hesitate to ask us about other tours and activities we have on offer.


Apartments en Granada

In InnHostels we have apartments to cater for everyone: for 6 people, 8 people and even deluxe. All of them are equipped with everything you need to make you feel at home (air conditioning, flat TV, bathroom products, kitchen, towels, coffee maker, etc.).

We offer a late check out service, discounts and a welcome gift whenever you book through our website. Our team is available 24 hours a day from our reception, ready to help answer any queries or questions you may have or advice on the best places to go.


If you are thinking about planning a visit to Granada we would be more than happy to have you stay with us at InnHostels. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and make a reservation, we are here to give you best experience possible.









Reasons to visit Granada


Granada is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe due to the number of tourist attractions it offers.

First, we find the Alhambra, ranked among the 8 wonders of the world. It is a fortress composed of palaces and gardens very well decorated in Andalusian style.

A stroll through the “paseo de los tristes”, is another of the things that will fall in love with Granada. It is one of the most romantic and beautiful streets in the world located at the foot of the Alhambra. You can enjoy a walk in the cool of Granada night, a good dinner or tapas in one of the most magical places in Granada.

The wonderful views from the viewpoint of San Nicolás, located in the center of the Albaicín, the oldest and most Arabic quarter of the city. From this point you will have unbeatable views of both the Alhambra and Sierra Nevada.

A flamenco show, in the gypsy neighborhood of Sacromonte. There is nothing more authentic than a show inside the cave house, also during the shows you will have the opportunity to enjoy a dinner or tapas Granada

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