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The best Andalusian cities for a Digital Nomad

So we’ve all thought about it, spending our life travelling around the world with the freedom to roam about from place to pace without explanation when and where we want. Obviously for many of us this dream of “time out” is one which hopefully we will get round to when we finally retire or if we luckily are able to take a year sabbatical. However, thanks to the Internet, this dream is already a reality for many people. Meet the Digital Nomad, the new age worker, one who decides and delegates their own timetable, working hours and locations.

Equipped with the essentials, computer, mobile, wifi and a backpack, the Digital Nomad is fit for work. With no need for a fixed abode or tied to any specific location and just a click of a button for that one-way ticket to anywhere, the Digital Nomad is off. So lets us introduce you to some of the best “anywheres” cities the encapsulating Andalusia has to offer, to get you started on your Nomadic adventures.


What are Digital Nomad or Digital Nomads?

The Digital Nomad or Digital Nomads are professionals who work remotely or freelance. The term “digital” is related to ICT, Information Communication Technology, and new ways to earning an income by working remotely. The second term, “nomad”, refers the migration of a person; one in continuous movement whilst offering geographical freedom.

Thanks to the flexibility working remotely enables, these people are able to travel around the world by staying in apartments and hostels. This gives them the possible to mix “business with pleasure” or lets say the opportunity to earn an income that helps them to base their life around their interests and not the limitations or their job. Key to their interests are experiencing other cultures and meeting new people. That’s why Digital Nomad often prefer to stay in shared rooms or apartments.

The average time they spend in each city is about 3 or 4 months, just enough to get a real feel of the area. It also gives them enough time to take advantage of local co-working spaces. An excellent way to meet other like minded people; both local professionals or digital nomads in the area and share in the creative part of professional experiences and ideas. An opportunity for networking and soak up the local market sectors to generate business.

It’s becoming a popular way of life. According to a Deloitte study on the Millennial generation, by 2025 that generation is expected to account for 75% of the global workforce. So in short, a Digital Nomad is a lifestyle; generating income through online work or an online business to fullfill live and traveling dreams.


What are the best Andalusian cities for a Digital Nomad?

A Digital Nomad looks for places that are both rich in cultural heritage and have a potential for an entrepreneurship sector. Andalusia is a region that meets these two premises. In the provinces of Seville, Cádiz, Granada or Málaga, there is an abundance of beautiful towns and stunning cities where a digital nomad can both escape yet thrive; urging them to stay.

With the amazing climate, cuisine, beaches, defined culture and historical roots Andalusia is a no brainer and a definite must see. Apart from maybe the summer season, in general, the south of Spain is usually much cheaper then the majority of Spain. It’s not particularly essential to hire a rental car to get around, seeing as most of the towns and some cities weren’t built back-in-the-day when the community was and  commerce was by foot and walking from one place to another was commonplace. . In general transport is also pretty good, but maybe for weekend visits to the beach, depending on your location, a car might be advisable.  Here’s a little more detail about  some of the characteristics of each of these provinces.


Seville for Digital Nomads

Remote workers such as web designers, photographers, translators, writers, social networks manager, film producers, digital marketing companies, etc., have the power to decide which place from they wish to work from. If you also choose Seville as your holiday destination you won’t be disappointed.

Seville is attracting more and more tourists each year thanks to a combination of major tourist attractions,  architecture, culture, gastronomy and it’s artistic flair. In the same way, it is a very economical stop, one of the reason why it is highly valued by digital nomads. With it’s incredible climate, rich history, coworking spaces, promotion of creatiing 2.0 companies in the Cartuja business working space. Regarding the quality of the internet available in Seville, it boast both a high-speed and secure network.


Cadiz for Digital Nomads

The beach is undoubtedly a big attraction for any Digital Nomad and often a determining factor. There is nothing like working on the golden crystal shores of the Atlantic tan while plugged into the computer and working away. Coupled with good weather, high speed Internet connections, sports, leisure and a cuisine that makes your mouth water, Cádiz makes an excellent destination for digital nomads. Cadiz also known as  “La Tacita de Plata Cuenta” or the Silver Cup, probably due to both the shape of the pensinclia form ariel view and the sparking seas and white painted building that reflect the sun, this little gem has also excellent travel communitions. Train services and buses arrives directly to the centre of Old Cadiz City, which also takes to one of the neighbouring historical cities Jerez de la Frontera, where there is an International airport.

Cádiz is the oldest city in Europe and being so it’s full of cobbled streets, places of historical interest such as the reminanse and panache of the the Roman era; The Theater or the Phoenician sites of Gadir, and much more to satisfy your sightseeing needs.

Digital Nomads have to consider the cost of living in the place while earning their money online, the viability of their travels. The great news is Cádiz is a very economical destination to travel to, especially compared to the north of Spain. For less than 10 euros you can find food menus that include first and second course plus a drink and dessert. If you are looking for something a little cheaper, most of the bars have a tapas menu wetherby you can order a little taster something between 2-4 euros depending on the dish and considering a caña, beer, is still roughly a euro, eating out whilst immersing yourself in the local culture of chatting, whilst drinking, eating, means  you can relax and unwind in favourite little spot spot whilst enjoying your affordable bite to eat.


Granada para Nómadas Digitales

The digital nomads like nothing to do best then travelling the world; soaking up the local atmosphere and spend getting to know the best places, great people and hidden gems.  In Granada you will find this and much more. A quaint and peaceful city, this place is anything but boring. A mixture of good weather, a diverse and dry climate, the richest landscapes in the country, from the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada to the tropical coast of Motril, and its air of romantic traditions, it will have you wanting to come back.

The wealth of Granada’s heritage is undeniable, the Alhambra is known throughout the world, attracting many. However beyond the Alhambra, the heart of the city itself isn’t overflowing with tourist but rather filled with respectable locals and a young yet vibrant university crowd providing a cradle of authentic traditions such as flamenco dancing or the Spanish guitar.

Also, the city is famous for its free tapas, yes that’s what I said, it’s free tapas. When you go to most establishments, when you order a drink it is almost certainly accompanied with a local tapa of sorts, such as the local speciality of fried fish, mini baguette style rolls, the famous potato spanish omelette, spicy tomato sauce potatoes. A mean for a Digital Nomad to resist this amazing offer for a drink and free food, what can we say… always great to make a saving and considering we are talking about the types who probably spend time bouncing from cafes to bars, this little saving is a bonus!


Where to stay?

The goal of most digital nomads is finding the balance between cheap accommodation, a good location and the possibility of sharing a room to exchange experiences. At Inn Hostels we have hostels and apartments in the historic centers of Cádiz (historic center), Seville (Santa Cruz neighborhood) and Granada (city center).

We have accommodations for all tastes:

  • Shared rooms for those who want to exchange opinions and meet people
  • Private rooms for those who need more privacy
  • Apartments with kitchen and private bathroom

All options have all the necessary accessories to make you feel at home. We also offer free breakfast, 24-hour reception, common areas, terrace, free Wi-Fi, free Tour and exclusive discounts to all guests who book through the web.

In short, the Digital Nomad is somebody who is always on the move, who has a thirst for travelling around the world, an interest in leisure and tourism but fundamentally also has work obligations. Andalusian cities are increasingly aware of the importance of this sector for the future of and is working on means to attract this new tourist client with even the hope to retain such talent in the area;making them fall in love with the area and wanting them to come back again and again. Today we have shared Seville, Granada and Cádiz with you, but we hope to share more examples of the beautiful Andalusia in shortly.


Change your life and join in on the Digital Nomad movement. Come and spend some time sharing your experiences with us.




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