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Guide to Holy Week (Easter) in Sevilla 2019

Easter or as the Spanish call “Holy Week”, which we prefer as it better sums up the atmosphere felt during this celebration, has been declared as an international tourist interest.  It is also another of renowned festivals celebrated in spring in Seville alongside The Feria (April Fair).  During this time the Passion of Christ is commemorated by hundreds of Nazarenes (Followers) and the Costaleros (Bearers) who lead the processions by carrying heavy iconic statues.

With devotees flocking to the streets and huddling in doorways, being part of the experience amid the crowds leaves a lasting impression: the intense emotion of Holy Week. If one thing is sure, Easter in Seville, won’t leave you feeling indifferent.


How is Easter, Holy Week, celebrated in Seville ?

Whether you’re a religious believer or not, Holy Week in Seville is a unique spectacle. At first it can be a bit shocking to see the street lined with people marching to the sound of the drum beats and brass brands whilst fully clocked head to toe in velvet gowns and pointy hats. However this powerful cultural tradition is inevitable captuating; succumbing to an ambience that can only be understood by simply being part of the experience.  Let us at Innhostels give you a brief overview:

  • Itinerary: The route that each Brotherhood, an association or community of people linked by their common interest and religion, crosses the center of the city of Seville during Holy Week. It is important to know when and where the processions are taking place so you can get there ahead of time and grab yourself a good spot.
  • Official Race: The route which by all the processions pass through. It’s not possible to go to visit this area without having rented a chair or a box. Buying yourself a seat for a few days is complicated, the best idea is to buddy up with a good Sevillian friend who can invite you to sit in their box. This route starts at the Plaza de la Campana and runs through Sierpes, Salvador Square, Constitution Avenue, Cathedral and Virgen de los Reyes Square.
  • The Bulla: La Bulla (the commotion) is the agglomeration of people who gather around to see “Los Pasos”, the procession carrying heavy iconic statues. The crowd makes it almost impossible to move freely. If you find yourself in the midst of the Bulla just let go, allow yourself to be carried away by the adventure of the human tide; being part of the “commotion” in trusting in the experience. However if you need to pass through, just kindly ask permission.
  • La Madrugá: This what they call “The Dawn” from the Thursday to Friday. Some well-known processions such as La Esperanza Macarena (The Hope of Macarena) La Trianera, El Gran Poder (The Great Power)  or La hermandad de los Gitanos (The Gypsy Brotherhood) march during these hours.
  • Pregonero: Pregonero means The Town Crier. As in many other festivities, the figure of the Town Crier announces the beginning of Easter Holy Week. This year, 2019 the position will be held by a woman, Charo Padilla, a journalist and collaborator of different media outlets with extensive experience of radio broadcasting of Easter Holy Week in Seville.

Itinerary Holy Week of Seville 2019

Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday although there are brotherhoods that start procesiones two days before, on Friday of Sorrow and the Saturday of Passion. Easter Holy Week of 2019 will see 71 brotherhoods participating with numerous Nazarenes (Followers) and Costaleros (Bearers) among others. From Palm Sunday until Resurrection Sunday, 60 brotherhoods will take place and the other 11 will march on The Friday of Sorrows and on The Saturday of Passion.

Those who go out on Palm Sunday perform the Official Race whose purpose is to reach the Cathedral of Seville (The Penance Station). This route is regulated, with the Brotherhoods placing chairs out that can be purchased by a pass in advance.

The schedules and itinerary of the procession are complicated, so it is essential to have a program of Holy Week in Seville 2019. This way you will not miss out on some of the most iconic imagery such as the Macarena, the Gypsies, The Great Power, the Triana or El Cachorro “The Puppy”.


What is there to do during Easter Holy Week in Seville?

If you have at hand the Seville 2019 Easter Holy Week program, you probably won’t know where to start. Let us at Innhostel give you some tips that will help you out if you decide take part in this very special date in the Seville calendar.


Tips to go to the Holy Week in Seville

  • Keep the itinerary handy: the processions meet your schedule almost exactly. Of course arriving at the time stated on the program won’t secure your spot at the front row for the. People usually group together hours before the arrival of the pass.
  • Comfortable shoes: consider that you will be walking for many hours through the centre of Seville.
  • Provisions: take a backpack with water and some snacks, because you never know when you will find yourself in the midst of a crowd “commotion” which will have you waiting until for the procession
  • Respect: if we had to sum up Easter Holy Week in Seville with one word, it would be When a procession is on its way to the Cathedral, everyone is silent. This respect creates a deafening silence one could say “you could hear a pin drop”.
  • Eat churros in the Madrugá: if you are able to power through until 5am in the morning to experience the unforgettable Madrugá, don’t miss on the “age old tradition” of wolfing down some delicious churros with chocolate (long style Spanish donuts) before hitting the sack!

Where to stay in Seville during Easter Holy Week?

The best to stay in Seville and fully invoking the essence of Easter Holy Week is, undoubtedly, right slap bang in the centre of the city.  At Innhostel we have different types of accommodation in the Barrio de Santa Cruz area, just few steps from the Cathedral which is the hub of where everything happens. Come visit us and forget about the car.

Inn Hostels Seville

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Apartments in Seville

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If you are thinking about experiencing this epic festival, Holy Week in Seville this 2019, don’t hesitate, book your accommodation now at  Innhostel. Find us in the city centre.


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